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Add your company, get a mentor, learn the basics

Add your company profile (no matter what state it is in), go through our University program, gain advisors, and become exposed to a wide array of potential investors and partners.

Find fellow entrepreneurs, talent, and customers

After (and during) the University program, connect with other entrepreneurs and professionals. You might just find a potential partner, employee, or future customer!

Review and value investment opportunity

Connect with founding teams and review investment opportunities; negotiate a deal that will appeal to your investment strategy. Or, review provided diligence!

Invest and, if desired, syndicate

Once you reach acceptable terms, commit to the investment and, if desired, you can work with other private equity firms to syndicate the final deal.

Manage your holdings

Repeat the process as desired, help deserving ventures secure needed growth capital while broadening your exposure, leveraging your value, and lessening your risk.

Keep in touch and report progress

Connect with colleagues, report progress to investors and devoted followers, promote your company or investment, and much more with our broad network access.

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